Contact Information

The CLIPT Laboratory is located

at the University of Oslo 

4th Floor, Kristine Bonnevies hus,

Blindern Campus


Mailing address:

c/o CEED, Postbox 1028 Blindern

N-0315 Oslo, Norway


Our research focuses on living and fossil organisms, and how they are chemically linked to the global environment. Using measurements of the stable isotopes of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen, my group is working to elucidate information about metabolism and environment, both in the Human environment, and through Geologic Time. Read more about our research projects here.

Laboratory Services

We are proud to offer our University of Oslo colleagues 13C, 15N, %C and %N analyses on organic samples. For more information, or to set up an account, please contact More types of analyses coming soon!

Where's My Fingernail Data?

Did you give us an anonymous fingernail sample? CLICK HERE to see your carbon and nitrogen isotope composition.