A. Hope Jahren PhD


2013 Best University Research AwardDepartment of Energy, Geosciences Division
2011 Leopold Fellow
2010 Fulbright Award in Arctic Science (Norway)
2010 Exceptional ReviewerGeology
2010 Scientist of the Year: ARCS Foundation, State of Hawaii
2005 Named one of the Popular Science "Brilliant 10"
2005 James B. Macelwane Medal: American Geophysical Union Young Scientist Award 
2005 Fellow, American Geophysical Union
2003 Fulbright Award in Environmental Science (Denmark)
2001 Donath Medal: Geological Society of America Young Scientist Award
2001 Fellow, Geological Society of America 
1997 Georgia Institute of Technology Teaching Fellow Award
1994 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, University of California at Berkeley
1994 Jonathon O. Davis Dissertation Award
1992 Fulbright Award in Geology (Norway)
1991 NSF Graduate Fellowship
1991 Chevron Undergraduate Excellence Award
1990 NASA Undergraduate Research Opportunity Internship