Contact Information

The Jahren Laboratory is located

at the University of Oslo 

4th Floor, Kristine Bonnevies hus,

Blindern Campus


Mailing address:

c/o CEED, Postbox 1028 Blindern

N-0315 Oslo, Norway

Josh Bostic

Doctoral Research Fellow

I began working with Hope Jahren in 2013, first as a research technician at the University of Hawaii, and currently as a PhD student at the University of Oslo. In my previous position I managed the lab’s nutritional biomarker program, which I continue to oversee in my current position. My PhD project involves reconstructing seasonal climatic changes following major volcanic eruptions via high-resolution tree-ring stable isotope analysis, and modeling the resultant changes in agricultural productivity to estimate the effects of acute climate change on Scandinavian societies. I am grateful to work in a diverse research environment that allows me to express my scientific curiosity and combine my dual interests in human health and environmental science.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”