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General Articles

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The 2010-11 U.S. Grantees to Norway Present Their Projects. Fulbright Seminar 2011

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Plants spread secrets about climate change, Nature in, 2009.

Fossil forests

Arctic Forests of the Eocene, Field Notes: The Polar Field Services Newsletter, 2011.

A (really really) Old Farmer's Almanac: A record of specific weather patterns 55 million years ago, AGU Blogosphere, 2011.

Arctic Redwood Fossils Are Clues to Ancient Climates, National Geographic, 2002.

Ingredients in Fast Food

Fast-Food Fries Cooked in Higher-Fat Corn Oil, Study Shows, Bloomberg, 2010.

Corn Oil Used Most Often for French Fries, WebMD, 2010.

Do corporate sweetheart deals make French fries less healthy? Mongabay, 2010.

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Nearly All Fast Food In The US Uses Corn, Medical News Today, 2008.

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What's Really In Your Fast Food? Forbes Magazine, 2008.

Fast Food's Secret Ingredient: Corn. Interview in Time Magazine, 2008.

Corn Is Basis of Most Fast-Food Items, in Health Buzz, US News and World Report, 2008.

Fast Food: Just Another Name for Corn, Wired Science, 2008.

Radio Broadcasts

Economics of Restaurant Oil Affect Health, on Hawaii Public Radio (HPR), 2010. (Go to HPR story)


Bill Hagopian receives a nomination for Outstanding Employee of the Year at the Research Corporation of the University of Hawai'i, 2013 Annual Luncheon.

Dr. A. Hope Jahren is featured on the Discovery Channel's DVD Set: Faces of Earth. In this feature she discusses the Earth through time, including such topics as the Arctic, evolution and extinction, and Earth's paleoclimate.

Dr. Jahren was also a Leopold Fellow in 2011. You can see some of the videos on the YouTube page.