Recent Conference Abstracts from our Research Group


A.H. Jahren and B.A. Schubert. 2017 AGU Fall Meeting, "The interrelationship of pCO2, soil moisture content, and biomass fertilization expressed in the carbon isotope sugnature of C3 plant tissue". (view/download pdf)

B.A. Schubert and A.H. Jahren. 2017 AGU Fall Meeting, "Seasonal climate profiles of an ice-free Arctic based on intra-ring analyses of oxygen isotopes in fossil wood cellulose". (view/download pdf)


B.A. Schubert and A.H. Jahren. 2016 AGU Fall Meeting, "Combined and isolated effects of pCO2 and soil water content on carbon isotope discrimination during C3 photosynthesis". (view/download pdf)

V.E. Hedrick, T.M. Halliday, B.M. Davy, A.H. Jahren, J.M. Zoellner. 2016 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, "The potential of a single- versus a dual-isotope prediction equation for added sugar consumption". (view/download pdf)